Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This weeks focus is on powdered milk. Does anyone out there use this stuff on a day to day basis? I'm sure there are a few die hards and probably more that had to drink this stuff when we were kids. But if you are like me....it's much easier to just pick up a 4 litre at the store.
To be honest I've only ever used powdered milk in my baking. Hmmmm as I am writing this I have concocted an evil plan....as soon as the plastic milk jug is empty I am going to refill it with powdered milk....I'll see if the family notices.....and keep you posted.
Okay so even though I don't really drink this stuff....I realize the importance of having it in my storage. We do go through fresh stuff very quickly so if we couldn't get it at the store it would be a big change to our families eating habits.....bigger then say....using powdered milk. I realize that it is expensive. So if you don't have any, start with just a can....they cost about $20. If you are a vegan....they even have powdered soy milk available.....yum!! Either way this really needs to be in your storage. If you don't have any please consider getting some. If you already have some then add variety by picking up some milk flavorings....here are some yummy suggestions... chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla nesquick syrup!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is Toilet Paper an essential?

How many rolls do you need? I don't know about you but my family goes through toilet paper quickly!! Maybe the kids are secretly flushing wads when I am not around....I don't know but it's amazing how they disappear. I remember as a child always sitting on the toilet screaming for someone to get me some toilet paper. After a hunt through all the bathrooms to discover there was none...a creative sibling would hand me a napkin or paper towel... I hated this. I never understood how we were always running out of toilet paper? Fast forward 20 years and two kids later...I realized that it can be difficult! But those child hood memories have ingrained in me a responsibility to always have a lot of toilet paper on hand....In fact I have over 400 rolls on hand on any given day! I am always prepared for a bathroom break. Consider your supply...are you always running out?? Take time to do an inventory and see if you could be adding more to your back up supply. I firmly believe this will become a new currency should there ever become a shortage! Ha Ha!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Not your usual preparedness tip!

I am confessing the below information for the greater good of beautiful women every where!
I dye my own hair!! There I said it! yes I spent a fortune for years and had more awful coloring experiences then I'd like to admit....but on one thrifty and "too impatiant to wait a week for a hair appointment" day...I went to walmart and found the perfect hair coloring kit in a box....I was so impressed with the color and how easy and inexpensive it was. So being the Preparedness person I was...when I saw it on sale I bought 4 boxes.
Here's the part I want everyone to know. Hair dye in a box expires!! I used the last box up a few days ago and there is a lot of orangy red tinge to my hair! Sure you don't notice it at first but in some lights it's VERY noticeable!
Morale of the story...dont store hair dye for long periods of time...

Monday, February 22, 2010

72 Hour Kits - On Sale

Costco.ca has a fantastic 4 person 72 hour kit on Sale....ONLY $125!!!

This is a really great deal! Plus you can just order on line and they will bring it right to your door! EASY AND DONE!!!
Sale is good until March 7

Thursday, February 11, 2010


If you are joining me on this journey and don't have STEP ONE done don't worry!! Just do what you can....use an old laundry basket or plastic bags.....just keep going! Don't be a perfectionist! Just do what you can!

Start compiling and eventually you will get everything!

So step 2 is simple......Water.
I added some water bottles, a water pump, and a water purifying straw. Do what you can right now! Anything is better than nothing!

Get Going!! Get Prepared!! Have Fun!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tonight I stopped by Walmart. While I was walking around a little thought said "get some back packs for your 72 hour kits". I picked up 2 and when I got home I felt soooo great!! I have been putting this off for way too long. I don't know why? I just haven't put a kit together yet. I guess just taking that first step made all the difference. Who knew??? Hopefully if you haven't done one yet you will join me! I am going to blog my journey into some easy steps!

Here are some ideas of containers to put your 72 hour kits in....hope this gets you started!

The classic backpack, light weight and easy to carry
The backpack with wheels

A suitcase

A large plastic bucket - durable, water proof, rodent proof, and can be used as a seat!

Same as above bucket with added bonus of a toilet seat!

Will store more - wouldn't be easy to "take with you" unless by car.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Money Matters!

I was reading a great book called Preparedness Principles that talked about how adding money to your preparedness shelf was usually something most people don't do. I am sure we have all thought about it but for some reason most of us don't do it. Maybe we have lot's of money in the bank but haven't taken it out and put it aside. Maybe we are struggling to make ends meet and can't find "extra money" to set aside. Maybe we fall somewhere in between the two. What ever your reasons may I suggest a goal? Find a jar or container and make a goal to start filling it. Here are some ideas for you to consider.
There are so many types of containers....buckets, jars, treasure boxes, cookie jars, plastic bins, boxes, vases, you could even use a #10 can from your food storage! Make it fun! But Make IT!!
Set aside a goal to add money to it.... maybe you could empty the change from your pockets, coats, wallets, car...once a week. Maybe the next time you go to the ATM you can take out some extra money and add it to the jar.
Find a simple thing once and a while to say no to and put that money in the jar. Have all your family involved and watch it grow.
I think it would be a great idea to treat you and your family from the jar once and a while. That way, you can all feel the benefits of having some spare money put aside. This might also help people feel better about adding to it!! It is important to have all types of money from $20, $10, $5, to twoonies, loonies and other change. I am sure many of you out there have great ideas about saving money...please share your ideas!!