Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This weeks focus is on powdered milk. Does anyone out there use this stuff on a day to day basis? I'm sure there are a few die hards and probably more that had to drink this stuff when we were kids. But if you are like me....it's much easier to just pick up a 4 litre at the store.
To be honest I've only ever used powdered milk in my baking. Hmmmm as I am writing this I have concocted an evil plan....as soon as the plastic milk jug is empty I am going to refill it with powdered milk....I'll see if the family notices.....and keep you posted.
Okay so even though I don't really drink this stuff....I realize the importance of having it in my storage. We do go through fresh stuff very quickly so if we couldn't get it at the store it would be a big change to our families eating habits.....bigger then say....using powdered milk. I realize that it is expensive. So if you don't have any, start with just a can....they cost about $20. If you are a vegan....they even have powdered soy milk available.....yum!! Either way this really needs to be in your storage. If you don't have any please consider getting some. If you already have some then add variety by picking up some milk flavorings....here are some yummy suggestions... chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla nesquick syrup!

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  1. Okay, so have you done a comparison between different powdered milks? Would the Thrive one taste better then say, the Church food storage?

    Just curious.